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Maschio's Food Services, based in Northern New Jersey, was started by Frank Maschio in 1992 with just one district. We have now grown to over 150 school districts including both public and private.

Frank grew up in the restaurant business. His family owned a renowned Italian restaurant in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. He has proven that the small, personal approach to food service management is popular and desirable. Maintaining client relations and rapport is of high priority with the company. He has a pure love of the food business and incorporates a successful catering business as part of Maschio's Food Services. As a result of his expertise with food, Frank takes great pride in the food purchasing aspect of the company. He strives to maintain a high standard in all purchasing decisions and yet provide the school districts with whatever financial goals they wish to achieve along with incorporating nutrition awareness.

Maschio's Food Services is also dedicated to working with and lending its services to charities and organizations within the state. Homeless shelters, YMCAs, Boys and Girls Clubs and Senior Citizens groups are just some of the organizations to which Maschio's has provided services.

Our goal is to serve each district with conscientious, personal management based on your specific goals and objectives while bringing heightened customer satisfaction, increased program participation, sound financial responsibility and nutrition integrity to your school food service program.


Frank Maschio, President, has an educational background in Food Service Management while growing up in the restaurant business. He focuses on our quality assurance and purchasing. Frank currently serves on the New Jersey Commodity Advisory Group. He also is heavily involved in our catering and 'Barbecue Mania' venues and he is a member of the National Barbeque Association.

Ken Torchia, co-owner and Chief Executive Officer has an educational background in Food Service Management from Montclair State University and has always worked in school food service for the past 22 years. Ken handles all the financial projections for each district and works closely with district administrators in order to achieve their financial goals. Ken also works with our vendors to attain the best prices possible on food and supplies for your district.

Joanne Untamo,Director of Operations and Nutrition Consultant has a degree in Foods and Nutrition specializing in dietetics. Joanne has worked as a clinical dietitian and in administrative hospital dietetics. She has spent the last 26 years in School Food Service and oversees all operational activity at Maschio's Food Services.

Christine Traks, Regional Supervisor is a Certified Dietary Manager and has worked in School Food Service for the last 19 years. Chris works directly with Area Supervisors in the field and assists with operations.

Our team includes Registered Dietitians, School Nutrition Specialists, Corporate Chefs, and Field Supervisors with many years of experience in school food service and are responsible for the perpetual integrity of our child nutrition programs.


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